Use Spray Foam for Your Roofing Project during the ISO Board Shortage

Use Spray Foam for Your Roofing Project during the ISO Board Shortage

ISO board roofing products are made of polyisocyanurate, also called polyiso. This is a thermoset plastic commonly used as rigid thermal insulation. Polyiso is used in more than 70% of commercial roofing construction projects. One of the big reasons for its popularity is that it doesn't need a thermal barrier because it functions as one. It's also incredibly durable and fire-resistant. However, in recent times, a perfect storm has created an ISO board shortage. One of the reasons for this shortage is that consumer confidence waned during the early stages of the pandemic, prompting manufacturers to decrease production. But there are other contributing factors to the shortage, such as a lack of raw materials, natural disasters, and hoarding of these products by very large companies.

During the ISO board shortage, spray foam and silicone are excellent options that can keep your commercial roofing project moving forward. Foam roofing is an excellent option for a variety of commercial buildings. At RoofTechPro, we use a closed cell monolithic polyurethane that strongly bonds to any size or slope of roof, essentially making it part of the structure. It creates a moisture and air barrier, helping to protect your building and improve HVAC efficiency. With foam roofing, you'll add R value to your building envelope. Our roofing crew can expertly install foam roofing on your commercial building. While the ISO board shortage might be a nuisance, you can still go forward with your roofing project by turning to this type of foam roofing.

During this time, silicone roof coatings are another great option. Silicone roof coatings can renew roofs that are weathered and/or leaking. We use a solvent-free, 100% silicone coating that will extend your roof's lifespan. The result will be a seamless membrane that provides excellent protection against pooling water, UV light, and inclement weather.

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Posted: Sept 15, 2021

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