Important Roof Maintenance Tasks for Winter

Important Roof Maintenance Tasks for Winter

Important Roof Maintenance Tasks for WinterBefore winter officially arrives, there are some roof maintenance tasks that you'll want to have on your radar. Completing these tasks will help to ensure that your roof remains healthy and leak-free. And if you're not comfortable climbing up there, then you can keep it safe by having a professional do the work. At Rooftechpro, our local roofing crew provides expertise with roof maintenance.

What roof maintenance should be done for wintertime?

Before the most extreme winter weather arrives, it's wise to clear all organic debris from your rooftop. If there are branches and leaves on your roof that become waterlogged during winter storms, then rot could become an issue, which in turn increases the risk of a leak. And when snow arrives, it should be removed as well. Snow can put serious structural pressure on your roofing. By removing all that weight ASAP, you'll alleviate the stress on your roof, and can also help to prevent the formation of ice dams.

It's also a good idea to trim any big branches away from your rooftop, especially if they look like they're in poor health. Such branches may break off during winter storms and cause roof damage. Also, by eliminating branches from around your roof, you'll have less leaves and debris falling on your roof and clogging your gutters.

Before snowfall arrives, you'll want to inspect your flashing. As flashing ages, it often becomes warped. When flashing is failing, there's a greater chance that heavy wintertime moisture will lead to a leak.

Getting a professional inspection is a convenient way to make sure your roof can be trusted to hold up strongly against winter weather. At Rooftechpro, our experienced roofers will be able to note any problems with your roof that need to be addressed. We can explain any issues that we discover and then expertly conduct the repairs that are needed.

Roof Maintenance in Canton, OH

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Posted: November 2021

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